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About Us

The BymTek Group is a Panamanian based corporation what was founded in 2009 that operates throughout Latin America.

The BymTek Group is involved in a wide range of activities in the technology industry.

With more than 5 years in the market our main purpose is to bring top technology to Panama thinking in the future, today.

GPS Tracking Systems

Satellite security applied to vehicles via GPS in Panama.

We are a company dedicated to monitoring and tracking in Panama. We have a lot of experience in satellite security applied to vehicles via GPS.

Commercial Drones

Our drones can be used in the agriculture, land surveying and structural analysis industries.

Water Purification

Air Water by BYM TEK is a Panamanian company whose mission is to provide a solution of fresh water to your home or company, through an innovative technology that allows to produce purified water from air humidity.

Meroni Locks

We supply the following types of locks:

UFO+ is a high-security lock for commercial vans and trucks. It becomes one with the door, closes with a click, and can’t be left open by accident.

UFO classic: An excellent replacement for traditional locks, it’s like a lock, but much better. Solid, practical, secure, elegant. A rational, effective choice.

Lucotto: The most practical, least expensive of the Serrature Meroni locks designed to make commercial vans and light trucks more secure. Ideal for small to mid-sized trucks

Smart Wrist

The smart watch designed for children. It has functions calls, GPS tracking and monitoring through an app in the smartphone.